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Company "ALFeco" - is a leading trading house of the Russian manufacturer crankcase, units and assemblies for automobiles. The company is located in the center of metallurgical industry of Russia in the Urals city of Nizhny Tagil.

Our products are well known to consumers the largest regions of Russia and CIS countries for more than 10 years.

A real breakthrough in the market has become crankcase Alfeco aluminum 3,5 mm, which combines the best qualities:
- Strength (used in the manufacture of aluminum brand AMG5M withstand increased mechanical load)
- Durability (not subject to corrosion)
- Excellent appearance, simplicity and guarantee easy installation (protection comes in individually packaged, setup included)

It is very important to know your opinion about us!
Both good and bad information - a stimulus for our further development. Please contact us on specific issues. Your letter will be reviewed within a day and comment.

Product lines:

Aluminium Protection (thickness 5mm) "ALFeco Aluminium 5"

Aluminium Protection (thickness 3.5 mm) - "ALFeco Aluminium 3,5"

Steel Protection - «ALFeco Steel Standard Plus»

Steel Protection - «ALFeco Steel Standard»

We have:

    * Own production on their own premises
    * New high-quality product, crankcase engine under its own registered trademark "ALFeco"
    * A full range of protection crankcase from high quality steel and aluminum on all models of cars of Russian and foreign production
    * Great team of professionals
    * Having a comprehensive fleet of imported equipment for the manufacture of steel and aluminum
    * Representation in all regional centers of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
    * A unique feature of the product through the use of each protection vibroshumoizolyatsii leading Russian manufacturer brands "StP"
    * Excellent kachechestvo products using imported powder coating
    * The presence of individual packaging of the stretch and board for each unit of output

For the convenience of our partners we offer:
* Shipping from our own warehouses located in various regions of the country
* We provide support in the delivery of products anywhere in Russia and CIS modal

ALFeco - "SILENT PROTECTION" (using certified vibroshumoizolyatsii)
Welcome your way!

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